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Welcome to the Filled Prompts archive of the Sherlock Holmes Kink Meme. This site serves only as a search engine and sterile archive for the meme on LiveJournal. If you want the fun stuff, head on over to The Kink Meme Proper and dive on in!

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by Kinkmeme Mods on 03 Feb 2011 02:06 AM

Hi guys,

As you are by now aware, the old sherlockkink meme was finally deleted in a fit of pique by the previous mod.

Taleya did manage to take a backup of the entire sherlockkink meme before this happened, so we are gradually working through putting all the lost stories back up in the archive.  This is a slow process as we piece the parts back together so please bear with us while this goes through.

You may ocasionally come across dead spaces in the archive listings and search results where it refers to links that are no longer extant.  In most cases, you should also find there is an "Archived version" link, that will contain the story in full.


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