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Alignment by colour_me_troll Rated: Teen [ - ]
Summary: Dark AU (preferably Granada or Canon based)
After the war, Watson offends the wrong person, and gets blacklisted in the medical community, he becomes bitter, he gambles alot, and then beats the crap out of anyone who tries to cheat him. On his journey into the criminal world he meets Lestrade, who lost his job after trying to pursue a case where the guilty party was a lord, and Holmes, who is crazy, homeless, and on the run from some dark traumatic past.
Together, they decide to turn the empire upsidedown.
Categories: Fiction Characters: Dark!Holmes, Dark!Lestrade, Dark!Watson
Genre: AU , Dark, Drama
Pairing: None
Story Elements: None
Universe: 2009 Movie (RDJ)
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: No Word count: N/A
[Report This] Published: 16 Feb 2011 Updated: 16 Feb 2011