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Our depravity knows no bounds
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Holmes burst into Watson's room clad only in a manic grin, a leather cuff and a bowler hat. The cuff was not upon his wrist.

"I find your lack of pants quite disturbing." Watson's voice was ripe with exasperation at the sight of his companion. "And besides! I am expecting a patient any moment and here you are naked as the day. I mean really oh Lord is that what--." Watson was cut off by Holmes moving very very close beside him, brandishing a rather vigorous erection, his skin purple and taught. 

"WATSON I HAVE DISCOVERED THE MOST PECULIAR SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY." Holmes' voice was breathy and loud and tinged with something just this side of insanity.

"Why are you shouting and please put on some trousers?"

"Watson. WATSON." Holmes was clearly finding it difficult to contain the volume of his voice. "Did you know that it is possible to prolong one's erection by placing a clasp at the base of one's prick?" Holmes was grinning wildly and he leaned forward, pressing his extremely important scientific discovery against Watson's thigh. "I believe this will be an innovation." 

Watson scowled. "Holmes this is neither the time nor the p--" Watson's protestations were silenced by Holmes' mouth crashing down upon his. The doctor moaned despite himself as Holmes wound his hands up into his hair, his erection rubbing against his leg with renewed urgency. They kissed frantically and feverishly and Watson felt himself flush with heat and arousal. Holmes' hands slid down Watson's back, pulling the two of them together so that truly there was no space between. Watson could feel the heat of Holmes' body radiating through him and Holmes let out a low groan.

"I think you can unhook the clasp down there now, love." 

Watson grinned, wide and sinister. "I think not Sherlock. I have a patient to see."

And with that, he brushed himself off, took a moment to compose, and went down to the parlor to greet his client. And whether or not Holmes would remain in his office, nude and unsatisfied, was beyond his caring.