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Our depravity knows no bounds
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"Holmes, have you stolen my undergarments again?"
"Uh, we have a barter system."

Mrs. Hudson sighed. Not this again. 

"I mean really," she thought to herself. "They are full grown men. They should not be constantly bickering like this."

"But my undergarments?!"
"Yes. And you are welcome to mine."

Oh this was just too hilarious. She picked up the silver tray that lay abandoned outside of Dr. Watson's room, the one the two were currently occupying. The tray was light, since the tea and biscuits had been consumed. 

As she walked away she heard Dr. Watson yell.
"I don't want to get inside your undergarments!"

Mrs. Hudson was nearly bursting with laughter and attempted to shuffle away as quickly and quietly as possible so that they would not hear her giggling. But there was a long pause and she couldn't resist stopping to hear what Mr. Holmes had to say to that. 

"That's not what you said about my pants, dear Watson."

KLUNK went the tray.